Why You Need a Grab-And-Go Writers Bag

writers bag.jpg

We’ve all been there, you just sat down at one of your favorite places to write outside of home: a coffee shop, brewery, library etc.. You reach into your bag for your headphones- missing! How can I work without my music you think?  You shake it off, I can do without headphones. You go to turn on yourlaptop and realize with despair your battery bar is reading RED; 7% battery power. The worst part; you left your charging cord at home because it wouldn’t fit in your bag; the ancient MacBook Pro barely fits in your bag. Not to mention, the damage that lunker is doing to your shoulder.


Feverishly, you look for your idea notebook that has your big story scratches in it. You know, the great story you thought of after your third beer and a good hour of people watching in a dingy bar where the wall is covered with old black and white photos of people you don’t know.  The mirror behind the bar is covered in a gross film of gray grime because it hasn’t been cleaned since the no smoking in bars law went into effect- seven years ago! The creative inspiration you were so high on instantly dissipates and in your minds eye you see your handsome muse shake his head at you as he saunters off. You’re left with; a laptop that’s almost dead, no music, and the image of your fleeing muse. Not a great start.


Sometimes when we see an opportunity to escape and write or are just in a rush with the hustle of everyday life it’s hard to cross all our t’s and dot our i’s when in comes to being prepared.  So how can we set ourself up for better success?  This is where my husband (Tyler), who is an avid outdoor sports junky gave me the perfect solution- a bag for each hobby.


Tyler has figured out that when you are ready to go partake in an activity whether it be skiing or mountain biking it’s imperative and sometimes life dependent that you have all the tools you need. You cannot dig your friend out of an avalanche with a bike tube and likewise you cannot fix a flat tire with an avi-beacon.  So the solution? A specific backpack solely dedicated to each sport. It’s never unpacked and things are never transferred back and forth between multiple packs or bags. The time comes to go, you don’t need to think, you grab your bag and you’re on your way.


Now that I’ve found the remedy for my dilemma, I had to find the ideal bag. It had to be big enough for a laptop, a couple notebooks, journal, novel, magazine and of course- headphones! Also, it needed to have perfect organization for my obsessively particular choice of pens, pencils and highlighters. Last but not least, it had to speak to my lifestyle. Trendy but practical and a little sporty since my lifestyle includes commuting via bicycle whenever possible. Also, I live in Montana, where the weather changes in an instant,  so it needed to have a little weather resistance as well.  The combination of these requirements led me to the Patagonia Headway Brief 22L.


Now when I walk out the door to go write, my muse may not always show up but, at least I know I have all the tools necessary to give myself a 110% shot of getting something good down on paper, maybe even a few new ideas; or if I’m lucky a finished article or short story. I believe that when you have the correct toolkit and are familiar with it, it is easier to keep your creative buzz and stream of consciousness on track. As you become familiar with your bag and where each tool is located inside, you will be able to reach in and grab things without so much as a second glance. In finality, this makes for a smoother writing process and sets us up for a better writing experience from the start.


Happy writing!